If Sakura has painted March in Japan in pink,

If maple tree has painted September in Canada in orange,

Then what is the colour of Australia in October?


Jacaranda has painted Australia in purple in October. Spring in Australia.

It is iconic, it is romantic and it does not last for long.

The blooming season of jacaranda is short, yet everyone is awaiting for that 3 weeks of the year to come. The full bloom of jacaranda trees.

Grafton, New South Wales

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The most famous jacaranda watching spot in Australia is Grafton NSW with no doubt.

Grafton is located in New South Wales. Although it is a town in New South Wales,  the closest big city to Grafton is actually Gold Coast in Queensland which is 3 hours drive apart or Brisbane which is 4 hours drive apart. Driving from Sydney, New South Wales to Grafton will take you for more than 6 hours.  Every year Grafton holds Jacaranda Festival in the last week of October to the first week of November and it is the biggest event in Grafton of the year. Other than that, Grafton is famous for the “Biggest Jacaranda Tree” which is 30 metres high and a crown of some 36 metres. A detailed location of where are the Jacaranda trees and photos spot are located  check out https://jacarandafestival.com/jacaranda-trees/

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In 2018, Jacaranda festival is happening from 27th-4thNovember and it is a 9-day event.  The event is free entrance. Below are some of the event that you might be interested in through out the festival, so there will be more things for you to do other than taking pictures of Jacaranda Tree.

27thOctober – Crowning ceremony

Location : Market Square

This is the traditional and regal opening event for the festival. There will be a whole day program starting from Children’s morning and the 2018 Jacaranda Queen Party and Crowning ceremony will be happening at 6pm.

1stNovember Jacaranda Thursday

A big day in Grafton starts with an annual free breakfast in Market Square! Different food vendors and market stores in Price Street will be opened for you to grab lunch and enjoy the program on stage. A must-do on the day is also to browse different stores which is going to dress up for the festival.

2ndNovember – River Festival

Location : Memorial Park

Firework brings festival to hype. And Jacaranda Festival in Grafton is having Firework show in Memorial Park along Clarence River. Besides firework show, there is also different program to entertain you. So don’t miss out!

3rdNovember – Feast & Float Parade

On this Saturday, there is going to be a feast in Grafton starting from 3pm. Locally crafted beer, wine and delicious locally sourced product is prepared for all visitors. And there will be an annual parade happening at 5pm which consists of 60 clubs, school and local organization.


Map for Grafton Jacaranda Festival 2018. Repost from Jacaranda Festival Website

University of Queensland – Queensland

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University of Queensland is another famous spot for Jacaranda in Brisbane. The symbolic purple colour of jacaranda is the colour of University of Queensland which shows how much Jacaranda means to UQ. Not just the full bloom jacarandas are worth exploring, University of Queensland is a beautiful campus that attracts visitors to explore all year round.

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In Brisbane, the Jacaranda blooms traditionally indicate the beginning of exam season. And hence, there is also a saying of Purple Panic among students. Other than the gorgeous jacaranda bloom, it reminds students of the stress and pain of exams and assessments. There is even this saying if a jacaranda falls onto your head you will fail in the exam.
But regardless, how true this saying is, nothing can stop people from taking pictures with Jacaranda is this season of time. And to enjoy this seasonal scenery.

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Jacaranda trees are planted all around University of Queensland, which is very easy to spot. But the most scenic place will definitely be UQ lake where the trees are planted around the pond. UQ lake is also a perfect picnic place, if you are going there for photos over the weekend, would highly recommend to bring a picnic mat along with you and spend a afternoon there.

#uqpurple on Instagram to look for some amazing shots students and visitors have taken over the blooming season.