What is the first thing cross your mind when people talk about “Gold Coast”?

Beach! Surfers Paradise!

I doubt if anything else will be the answer.

One of the most famous beaches and coastlines in the world. Surfers’ paradise and broadbeach. Sometimes I am just grateful, we can easily go there and adore the beauty of the creations.

In conclusions, how can you go to Gold Coast without visiting beaches? (Landlubbers be like: Hello?~~~ And FYI: me, your editor is a landlubber, so i got your back okay?) But, coming to the most magnificent place and must-visit in Gold Coast, what can we do if we cannot swim?

  1. Take a shot, leave
  2. Take a shot, get sunburnt and smash by the strong wind, leave (because leaving right after taking a shot is lame)
  3. Risk your life and swim in the sea because why not? (YOLO)

Nah, not getting you to risk your life. We are bringing the gospel to the landlubbers today. Sharing with you 3 water activities that does not require you to know how to swim.

1. Duck Tour

Speaking as a landlubber, logically of course I know life jacket keeps me floating, but emotionally…life jacket is rubbish. There is no pleasant experience with me and life jacket, not once. Anyone with me?

To those who have aquaphobia, Duck Tour might be a great option.

Sitting in the 2-way sightseeing bus (or you can say jet) starting from Gold Coast CBD where surfer paradise is located, bringing your through broadbeach, exploring the beautiful beaches, coastlines and famous attractions. Staying on the sea for 1 hour, safe and sound. Great deal for those travelling along with elderly and children.

2. Jet boating

Editor’s heart is with those who have an adventurous spirit, yet not knowing how to swim. Want to have a bit of adrenaline rush, but Jetski is too much for you?

Jet boating is for you. No getting into the water, but still get wet….thoroughly. Sounds fun?

Similar to Duck Tour, Jet boating is designed for an exploration trip to Gold Coast surrounding attractions. BUT, while the jet is on 80kph for 50 minutes. Be prepare for all the 360 degree spin, drifts and .

3. Fishing Charters

One of the best way to experience Aussie life, is go for fishing. Not on an ordinary tourist checklist. But highly recommended.

Getting away from the crowd and chilling for an morning or after in the sea, enjoying the peace and the moment that nature brings you. It is going to be a refreshing and detoxing moment.

And as we all know Australia has a high water quality, this is the perfect chance for you to test it out first handed.

Plenty of fishing charters company in the coast, offering different package, time slots, locations and equipments. Below are a few Fishing Charter company that are well-known and established in Gold Coast, but you can definitely look for more by asking Dr. google.