Any objection if i say Theme Park is kids’ paradise?

If you are coming to Gold Coast, you can’t missed visiting theme parks. That for sure will be one of the highlights of your trip, taking thrilling rides, taking pictures with cartoon characters that you watched growing up, going on a circus with your kids. There are memorable and unforgettable moments and laughters that can only be created in theme parks.


There are 6 major theme parks in Gold Coast at the moment, including SeaWorld, Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet n Wild, Country Paradise and Outback Spectacular. Pick 1-2 theme parks that catch your eyes and spend a day there for your next trip.


Other than theme parks, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is another must-visit in Gold Coast. Children and animals are best friends, they always are. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place for a special encounters with countless wildlife animals, and some are Australia limited. Koala cuddling, kangaroo feeding, wombat walk, and many more. Make your trip extra meaningful by visiting their wildlife hospital which will give you some insight of the importance of wildlife protection and reservation.